Summarize 2021 Furniture Business

Till 27th Jan. 2022,the amount of the china furniture export 75.74 billion USD(seventy-five billion, seven hundred and forty-four million dollars), grew 18.2 percent.

According to the General Administration of Customs of China released the import and export data for 2021 on January 14,there main information about the export of furniture and parts by following:

Full year 2021,the amount of the china furniture and parts export is 75.74 billion USD,grew 18.2 percent;and in the last month 12th the amount of export is 7.26 billion USD(seven billion, two hundred and sixty million dollars) Up 1.83% sequential basis.

With The data all those above, we can see furniture export in china,keep strong growing,even the last two years COVID-19,Omicron effect,and sometimes data go down,furniture man from all of the world hold and keep the business that they love.Though,as we factory faced the pressure with the order quantity less sometimes,material cost up,we still can get understanding from almost the customers. Yes, customer definitely take more heavy things, one side in market another is the freight cost. Traditional sales way, work not easy like before, there many policy push to people stay aside the shop,can not shopping as normal life,than online business increase sharply from year 2020 till now, and still keep increasing. Our products load for customer about 70% for online sales, customer with us together change the idea for design,structure,package,trying everything we can to make container full as it can,save every space so that reduce the freight cost.

The hard time,make customer with us more stronger relationship,when we face the same situation,and stand together different idea and understanding for each other, give us full passion and power for conquer the difficult time.

2022 we sincerely expecting, all the customers in the world, good luck business get success,no headache. we together move forward.and supporting each other,make better furniture make better business and make better life.

Post time: Feb-14-2022